Leti Construction presents itself as a construction company in Albania, creating hospitality, modern, residential and classy environments as well as innovative interior design for our clients. With many years of experience, we aim to bring  new, expressive concepts of interior design and renovation services, all together introducing a signature classic Albanian style . Our focus is to create a bond with our costumers and consult closely with them from the earliest stage of a project till the end. Having a highly skilled and professional employees in our company we have managed to produce qualitative work, from our architectures in interior design and technical staff in construction. Also providing our services fast and professional, creating memorable and inspired spaces we have succeeded in gaining the trust of our customers by becoming their regular partner. “Leti Construction” shpk seeks to provide effective and innovative solutions for every customer. The common goal is to create a practice that constantly generates success and commitment. The firm’s portofolio also includes a number of noted hospitality, restaurants, hotels, bars, resorts projects throughout the country and abroad.